Brandy Aguirre donates 500 meals to United Food Bank for every home sold. 


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This past weekend in the East Valley, temperatures were in the high 90s and Elijah Aguirre felt inspired to help people cool off. He thought a lemonade stand would be a perfect way to help his neighbors beat the heat and with the money he raised, he wanted to help feed his neighbors too.

Encouraged to volunteer through his catechism class at Holy Cross Church, he donated the $54 dollars he and his sister, Layla, raised from their lemonade stand to United Food Bank. To help raise money, Layla took to dancing, specifically “flossing,” to reel in customers. Elijah put on a big smile and waved to neighbors passing by. 

The giving didn’t stop there; Elijah, Layla and their mom, Brandy, came in to volunteer with United Food Bank this Wednesday and Thursday, spending their fall break building emergency food bags to help feed their neighbors. Brandy, a local real estate agent, donates 500 meals to United Food Bank for every house she sells… No wonder her kids are so altruistic!